~Blog Post Title: Change (Facts and Basically Marketing)

It is one of the latest trend, CHANGE.

Everyone of us wants to improve and have the life that we want. And for that change is required. 

However! However, we can only change how we can live our life. Changing who we are is impossible. It’s a big lie that a lot of life improvement coaches and even some big religions tell. 

“I am not a same person as I used to be when I was dating my ex.”

A popular quote among the teenagers and adults.

Actually, what they are telling is, it’s not that they’ve changed but how they look towards the life or this whole “relationship” thing has changed. They are the same old person. 

Life is simple.


What makes you believe that our life is simple?

The answer is, a lot of reasons.

We only need to change how we see our life, how we look towards the problems we are facing, how we protect ourselves from outer noises and our attitude towards the hard work.

A. Hard Work

I know, it’s a scary sets of words. Hard work is painful. Honestly, it takes a lot of time and effort than our standard comfort zone wants.

So, we all believe it. And that’s bullshit.

Hard work is not whatever we’ve been told. Actually, you know what; it’s not the right order. If you don’t think you’re making your own choices. Hard work is not something you should be thinking about. So, let’s take you on a tour to the other part.

B. Choices

Hmm.. Now that’s where we should have started. Are you doing what you want to or are you doing it because of other people’s pressure?

Your choice matters. Remember, your choices matters a lot. If you think, where you are is not what you ever wanted. Let’s move on to the point C.

C. Fancy Label(Basically marketing)

Here we are, 2017 and some of us still think that the earth is flat. Why? There are these “fancy label” God/Father/Holy ghost/Troll.

Religion is just an ancient networking business. We, third world citizens with non-christianity history know this better than anybody else.

But, how is this related to the choices we make?

Well, we are just an evolved bees that get attracted by some evolved/evil flowers.

We get attracted by something fancy and at the same time something not ourselves.

Like; Leaders, billionaires, gurus, superstars and what not.

Maybe, deep down what we wanted was a peaceful and happy life. Maybe all you wanted to do was live a life of a small business owner. Maybe you wanted to become a good person and not a know it all guru.

So, when we aim towards something that we never wanted. We became a slave bees of that queen bee. And you end up funding those creators of fancy labels while your dreams are dying in the deserted part of yourself.

D.Attitude towards our problems.

Now, if our choices are wrong then that’s the problem. And we should categorize them like those dustbins on the park. Plastics goes to a dustbin with plastics lebled on it and paper goes to the one with paper labeled on it.

Likewise, carelessly self created problems must be labeled as bad problems. Whereas, problems created by the external factors like, natural disaster, unfortunate events, negative changes on economy etc. must be labeled as worst problems.

If it’s the worst problem, I wish you the best may follow it.


If it’s a bad problem, change your habits. Change how you are living.

No, no, no.

Don’t panic and approach carelessly.

It’s best not to make things worse than it is.

First, go to point C.

  1. Know yourself. Understand what you want. It’s your choice and if you want to change, nobody’s going to help you. You need to do it yourself. It’s extremely dangerous to ask for help in this situation. Have people who will support you. That’s it.
  2. Plan. Plan how you’re going to start changing your life. And stick to it.
  3. (Talking about stick to it. It’s hard work time.) Hard work is not just a brute force and a shot in the dark. It’s a work done after planning and doing it again and again with improved plannings. Something called, “Work smart not hard.” is a load of crap created by people who thought hard work was just a meaning less effort. Again, basically marketing.
  4. After hard work comes, staying grounded and giving support to those who needs. And it’s free to make mistakes but don’t be too careless.

Be brave and be great. Don’t be brave and be stupid.

Change (Facts and Basically Marketing)

  • Life is simple.
  • Forget the fancy labels.
  • Sort out the problems.
  • Plan and stick to it.
  • Improve the plans.
  • Stay grounded and provide the support to others.

Listen, internet these days is a big fat lie and we should be more careful about those fancy marketing schemes than the viruses, spyware and threats.

I mean all they say is, “you are wrong!” “You are wrong!” And again, “you are wrong!” And in the end they say follow your inner self. They’re just trying to fool us. 

Let’s not get fooled.

Thank you very much if you’ve read this all and like if you think this post was good and have your say on this post at the comment below. I hope to write more and post sooner than I’ve been posting these day. Till then this paper will stay blank white and my notepads will look dirty. Thank you everyone!


As a human being, I would rather enjoy sleeping than think about how to tackle my personal problems or care about the global problems.
And it’s normal. Nothing’s wrong in it. That’s not called being inhumane. 

And it’s not that I’m lazy, unaware or I’m lacking motivation. That’s not the reason. The reason is, I don’t know how to enjoy with the problems. 

How I’m describing the problems is the reason.

All those solutions sounds too boring.

There is no space to personalize these things.

Why is technology winning over politics, science and religion? Because we can personalize. We can create easily and share without any fear(OK! Maybe there’s a little bit of it). But the point is, I can’t find anybody who can give freedom like the programmers and developers give to their users.
Now, let’s learn to enjoy breaking down our problems and solve them by our own personalized solutions.

Quit the comfort and silence of good intentions.

Let’s study our enemy’s lessons.

Aren’t we fearless to the change?

Can’t we break out of these chains?

We’re not good guys.

We’re not bad guys.

Don’t call us good girls.
Don’t call us bad girls.

Keep kindness, love and warm our hearts.
But also torture, scare and say a word that hurts.

As a part of the answer is with some unexpected source.

It’s disturbing, but ignorance will only make things worse.

The dreamers aren’t achieving enough.

The achievers aren’t dreaming enough.

Aim for effectiveness.

No! Do not create another perfect-mess.

Linkin Park – Forever And Always

RIP Chester.

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I am staring at the blank screen, and I don’t know what to write. The moment I try to type something, my fingers shake and I am unable to keep going. But somehow, I will. Because, someone, taught me to do that.

I started this page two moths ago, and it still isn’t ready. I had so many ideas on what to put as my first post – it was initially going to be a review to One More Light, but I always felt that I wasn’t ready.

Maybe I should introduce myself, since this happened to be my very first post, but yet again, I can’t seem to find the words to do that. I’ll try to say something that comes naturally for me  – I am, just a random, shy and introvert kid from some country in Europe, but what’s natural for me to say, is that I…

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Hi! I’m 2solscript!

Time to tell a story.

That was the tagline, until I removed it. The fist time I blogged on WordPress. I was using blogger, blogspot or whatever it’s called.

Frankly. I enjoy WordPress and so I’m excited to share that I’ll have another blog; right here at WordPress.com. (YAY-YAY!)
I won’t be sharing my stories or poems or anything like that on the new blog. OK


Honestly! I haven’t decided yet what’s the name of this new blog’s going to be. (And here I am announcing that I will use a new blog soon)

There is a question, “Why not use this blog or the one that’s on bloggers.com?”

The answer is simple.

I have some new ideas running wild in my head and I think that they deserve a brand new blog. A blog that they can call that it’s their home. 

So, wait for the first blog post on the new blog. Will be on soon.

Use twitter, @2solscript for more information. Till then this paper will stay blank white and my notepads will look dirty. Thank you everyone!

​Don’t ask about the village that you’re not heading towards.

I’ve read, written and talked about it a lot of times during my school days.

But not until today did I really understood its meaning.

It was just another bad day. I mean, I overslept hoping it would help my stress filled brain/mind/body/soul.

But I ended up dreaming about my stress and woke up with more stress. With that head I went to work.

However, everything was going fine. I decided that I’ll never oversleep again. But I caught myself red hand. I was so attached to my problems that I wasn’t much focused on my work.
And after this incident, I told myself:

Oh crap! I’m just wondering about the stuffs that really doesn’t matter a lot vs me losing this whole schedule of my life and my plans.

And if I keep on doing this I’ll just be an unsatisfied traveller who only thinks about the roads that other travellers took.

And thus, I am not very stressed and absolutely not a confused traveller.

I will continue to live my life by counting my blessings and improving myself from every way possible.

And if there’s anything I want to say at the end of the post, that is:

If you’ve a goal go for it and stop asking about the goals that others are taking.

She hung the pictures on her kitchen wall

Memories she will never forget

But time is never the same, she knows that all

What a painful scar! she hates it. 

She tore all the pictures from the wall

Eyes full of tears, her hopes are trees of the fall.

Her eyes are black.

All she sees are what she lacks.

She knows it’s alright.

But nothing can make her satisfied.

His dream was too big and bigger was his talk.

But his excitement was too much; a blackboard with no chalk.

His eyes were red.

All he saw was hatred.

He knows who killed his dream.

Yet denies, it was him.

Everyone thought she was their light.

But inside with darkness, there was a fight.

Everyone’s care cast the shadow on her.

Soon the darkness took over her.

Who knew he aimed at the wrong point.

He took a wrong turn at a wrong time.

Now he’ll fight a bigger demon.

But don’t worry, everybody’s his shield and weapons.