As a human being, I would rather enjoy sleeping than think about how to tackle my personal problems or care about the global problems.
And it’s normal. Nothing’s wrong in it. That’s not called being inhumane. 

And it’s not that I’m lazy, unaware or I’m lacking motivation. That’s not the reason. The reason is, I don’t know how to enjoy with the problems. 

How I’m describing the problems is the reason.

All those solutions sounds too boring.

There is no space to personalize these things.

Why is technology winning over politics, science and religion? Because we can personalize. We can create easily and share without any fear(OK! Maybe there’s a little bit of it). But the point is, I can’t find anybody who can give freedom like the programmers and developers give to their users.
Now, let’s learn to enjoy breaking down our problems and solve them by our own personalized solutions.

Quit the comfort and silence of good intentions.

Let’s study our enemy’s lessons.

Aren’t we fearless to the change?

Can’t we break out of these chains?

We’re not good guys.

We’re not bad guys.

Don’t call us good girls.
Don’t call us bad girls.

Keep kindness, love and warm our hearts.
But also torture, scare and say a word that hurts.

As a part of the answer is with some unexpected source.

It’s disturbing, but ignorance will only make things worse.

The dreamers aren’t achieving enough.

The achievers aren’t dreaming enough.

Aim for effectiveness.

No! Do not create another perfect-mess.

Linkin Park – Forever And Always

RIP Chester.

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I am staring at the blank screen, and I don’t know what to write. The moment I try to type something, my fingers shake and I am unable to keep going. But somehow, I will. Because, someone, taught me to do that.

I started this page two moths ago, and it still isn’t ready. I had so many ideas on what to put as my first post – it was initially going to be a review to One More Light, but I always felt that I wasn’t ready.

Maybe I should introduce myself, since this happened to be my very first post, but yet again, I can’t seem to find the words to do that. I’ll try to say something that comes naturally for me  – I am, just a random, shy and introvert kid from some country in Europe, but what’s natural for me to say, is that I…

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Hi! I’m 2solscript!

Time to tell a story.

That was the tagline, until I removed it. The fist time I blogged on WordPress. I was using blogger, blogspot or whatever it’s called.

Frankly. I enjoy WordPress and so I’m excited to share that I’ll have another blog; right here at (YAY-YAY!)
I won’t be sharing my stories or poems or anything like that on the new blog. OK


Honestly! I haven’t decided yet what’s the name of this new blog’s going to be. (And here I am announcing that I will use a new blog soon)

There is a question, “Why not use this blog or the one that’s on”

The answer is simple.

I have some new ideas running wild in my head and I think that they deserve a brand new blog. A blog that they can call that it’s their home. 

So, wait for the first blog post on the new blog. Will be on soon.

Use twitter, @2solscript for more information. Till then this paper will stay blank white and my notepads will look dirty. Thank you everyone!

​Don’t ask about the village that you’re not heading towards.

I’ve read, written and talked about it a lot of times during my school days.

But not until today did I really understood its meaning.

It was just another bad day. I mean, I overslept hoping it would help my stress filled brain/mind/body/soul.

But I ended up dreaming about my stress and woke up with more stress. With that head I went to work.

However, everything was going fine. I decided that I’ll never oversleep again. But I caught myself red hand. I was so attached to my problems that I wasn’t much focused on my work.
And after this incident, I told myself:

Oh crap! I’m just wondering about the stuffs that really doesn’t matter a lot vs me losing this whole schedule of my life and my plans.

And if I keep on doing this I’ll just be an unsatisfied traveller who only thinks about the roads that other travellers took.

And thus, I am not very stressed and absolutely not a confused traveller.

I will continue to live my life by counting my blessings and improving myself from every way possible.

And if there’s anything I want to say at the end of the post, that is:

If you’ve a goal go for it and stop asking about the goals that others are taking.

She hung the pictures on her kitchen wall

Memories she will never forget

But time is never the same, she knows that all

What a painful scar! she hates it. 

She tore all the pictures from the wall

Eyes full of tears, her hopes are trees of the fall.

Her eyes are black.

All she sees are what she lacks.

She knows it’s alright.

But nothing can make her satisfied.

His dream was too big and bigger was his talk.

But his excitement was too much; a blackboard with no chalk.

His eyes were red.

All he saw was hatred.

He knows who killed his dream.

Yet denies, it was him.

Everyone thought she was their light.

But inside with darkness, there was a fight.

Everyone’s care cast the shadow on her.

Soon the darkness took over her.

Who knew he aimed at the wrong point.

He took a wrong turn at a wrong time.

Now he’ll fight a bigger demon.

But don’t worry, everybody’s his shield and weapons.

Never really knew how this can happen but it seems all are wrong but right at the same time. I also feel like I’m doing right and feels like its wrong. Sometimes I feel like I’m under someone’s spell or I’m being ruled by someone else. I’m convinced that I’m wrong when someone is right but it always changes, they never really stay right. It’s like every scripts of writers goes inside a dust-bin.

It’s been so many days now. I’ve no idea what’s going. I SIMPLY DON’T GET IT.

But I think I should start again from this quote,

“Knowing what’s right doesn’t make much sense until you do what’s right.”

Let’s look at this scientifically, “You can’t change the universe until you work (do you know if you don’t move, science won’t call it a work?), just sit there and think and you make no change.” Do you change? Yes. I grow OLD AND DIE.

Let it flow, I guess. I’ll never know if what I did is right or will it be proven wrong?

Right or wrong, I am prepared to achieve my goals. WHAT IS IT THAT I’M THRIVING FOR?

I can do whatever I want.

If I say that, many people will automatically think that I’m a sinner and I won’t hesitate to kill.

But why would I? What’s in it for me to kill you? I don’t even know you and although I know you, you’re still alive and I haven’t killed anyone. All those that I’ve killed are insects and worms. OK! A lizard too.

Maybe, we’re in a hell, the self-created hell. Have you read stuffs from people? Like, how they blame every bad things in their life are the outcome of somebody; parents, siblings, spouse, government, law or even god.

Well I’m not the one of them; I know all the bad stuffs that have happened in my life are because of me. And same goes of whatever good things that happened to me. Also, I’m grateful for them.


I also have this weird theory that, the earth is alive and she can eliminate me whenever she wants.

If dinosaurs were that easy then, I’m not going to be any harder to get wiped out.

So, I don’t really give a shit about doing right or making it perfect or making everyone happy.

I’ll just do it.

Nike says, “Just Do it” not “Do It Right”

Our sun is dying, our moon is moving away from us and without the sun and the moon, life on earth won’t be possible. So, you see. Our world is bound to end. Goodbye moon and Rest in Peace Sun.

All scientists knows this truth, all sages knew everyone dies in a certain time. From the hands of the god or the fate of our planet, we will die. One day, we’ll run out of planets and moons (say we found one).

Everyone knows it. Yet, no scientist goes and kills him/herself. No sage stops breathing. They live as if we’ll live forever and they inspire us to live when the fact shows the other way.

So. The question is: Are they doing wrong when they know what’s right?

Cause dying from a bomb is way easier than suffocating and burning our skin from acid rain. Knowing you’re dying for a country is way easier and glorious than getting killed by Tsunami, hurricane and earthquake.

Let’s ask some religious question,

Would you get killed by a devil or die as a sinner on the Judgment day?

We all know only a man and a woman will be chosen. Rest of us will be called the sinners. So, why do priests and sages wants us to live as a sinner?


My questions are,

What’s good about knowing the truths if we end up doing what we always do?

What are we really looking for?

What is our goal?

Why do two polar opposite thoughts co-exist and nobody will take another step to eliminate what’s wrong or who are weaker?