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  • 2solscript 11:33 pm on March 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Comment, Facebook, Friends, Google, Hack, Happinesas, Instagram, Life, LifeHacks, Likes, Twitter, YouTube   

    Is This A Mission Impossible?? 

    Use Your Mind More Than The Google.

    Use Your Voice More Than You Use Your Facebook And Twitter.

    Smile, Shake Hands Or Hug If  You Like.

    Don’t Go Overkill On Your Instagram And YouTube Vlogs For Likes.

    Make A Good Conversation Instead Of Hateful Comments and Troll.

    Learn To Make Some Good Friends Over Making Millions Of Followers.

    Status Update, Oh! A New Post. And What’s The Top Trend?

    Go Out And Feel The Rain.

  • 2solscript 12:55 am on January 2, 2018 Permalink | Reply  

    2017’s worst: Me and my twitter. 

    2017 is gone.

    It is actually over. 

    I would say that this year had a very great impact on me. Unlike 2016 and like 2015; this year threw me challenges and chances but also some very bad news. 

    Mentally speaking, I have never felt this bad since 2012/13.

    Since November 2017, I have been thinking too much. I feel irritated by small problems (’cause I’m facing bigger ones, alright!) I care too much. I forget too soon. I get confused too easily. 

    So, for my brain this year was one of the worst one.

    But I have had chances too. I just needed to manage. Manage the time, manage the data in my head and stay organized within this chaos. 

    Aaaaahh….!!! 2017 was terrible. The worst person of the year must be me.

    I have nothing good to say about 2017 but thank you.

    Thank you for being gone.

    Thank you for ending.

    Thank you again for being gone.

    Now, I can start a new. And my first step was uninstalling twitter app.

     2018 it is and I wish you’d be a better year for everyone.(if possible.)

     Happy New Year! ✌ 

  • 2solscript 11:44 pm on August 1, 2017 Permalink | Reply  

    Quit the comfort and silence of good intentions.

    Let’s study our enemy’s lessons.

    Aren’t we fearless to the change?

    Can’t we break out of these chains?

    We’re not good guys.

    We’re not bad guys.

    Don’t call us good girls.
    Don’t call us bad girls.

    Keep kindness, love and warm our hearts.
    But also torture, scare and say a word that hurts.

    As a part of the answer is with some unexpected source.

    It’s disturbing, but ignorance will only make things worse.

    The dreamers aren’t achieving enough.

    The achievers aren’t dreaming enough.

    Aim for effectiveness.

    No! Do not create another perfect-mess.

  • 2solscript 5:02 pm on October 22, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    If only those who invented words would have known that these would become the most used tools by the humanity.

    If only they knew that they were pulling themselves out of the animal kingdom.

    If only they knew that without words who knew which monsters would have been ruling this planet.
    If only they knew that it would be used so much that the stories about the gods and the devils would be written.
    If only they knew that these would be divided into languages.

    If only they knew it could change the fate of the humanity and the planet itself.

    If only they knew that these words would create two world wars and take us to another heavenly body named the moon(also called ‘moon god’ around the world).

    If only they knew what they’ve created is now irreplaceable and that it will help every new generation of humanity to see the universe and what’s beyond.

    It’s crazy how powerful words are than any gods or devils. As important to a human life as the oxygen, the water and the food.

    Perhaps words were invented to communicate with other humans and maybe few decades later it got its new purpose: to tell the stories.

    To tell the stories.

    This is my message to all the writers of the world,  whatever stories you’re sharing or whatever messages that you want to convey, you are using the very ancient tools called words.
    No matter if you hand write it or type on your typewriters, PC or laptops or even on your phones, your main tools called words are very ancient and more powerful than anything technology can ever dream to produce.

    Let’s play with it now, shall we?

  • 2solscript 4:30 pm on October 6, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    ​Everything’s his magic

    The magician waves the magic stick.

    A little rabbit that lives in his hat.

    Inside his glove, is a queen of hearts 

    Are you not entertained?
    Please, come back again.

    Everyone laughs at her.

    Named the joker

    Coloured face.

    Round tomato nose and weird dress.

    Are you not entertained?
    Please, come back again.

    Once he was a king

    Now he’s just a thing,

    jumping through the fire rings

    A monkey can ride him.

    Are you not entertained?
    Please, come back again.

    A magician pulls a joker.

    But soon it turns into a monster.

    But don’t be afraid

    It’s just a trick he played.

    Are you not entertained?
    Please, come back again.

  • 2solscript 4:19 pm on April 29, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    The Question 

    When you asked me that question
    I was lost within
    my thought
    and it freed all my feelings bottled up

    Took this unexpected turn
    Ran away from the sun
    Just a frozen stone of the space
    I’m never going to be a comet

    Are you insecure?
    Running away from home?
    Is it uncountable?
    times that you’ve cursed your soul?

    Come back home
    You are not alone

    I was pushed into the stage
    They kept screaming for many days
    I was unable to deny
    The fact was I just wanted to die

    In the style, where no one would find
    out the secret I always locked inside;
    far far away from their might

    But the question was

    Are you insecure?
    Running away from home?
    Is it uncountable?
    times that you’ve cursed your soul?

    Come back home
    You are not alone

    We kept calling your name
    But you were stucked in the game
    in the end, I was meant to lose
    And everybody would know my truth

    Yes, i’m insecure
    This feeling is the proof
    My heart betrayed me
    This question is killing me

    It’s a bit confusing when you ask like you know I was suffocating

    Are you insecure?
    Running away from your home?
    Is it uncountable?
    times that you’ve cursed your soul?

    Come back home
    You are not alone

    Are you insecure?
    Why keep running away from home?
    Come back home
    You are not alone

  • 2solscript 8:50 pm on February 29, 2016 Permalink | Reply  

    A Futuristic Email 

    Hello Sol,

    Well, not just a hello but a futuristic one.

    Okay,  Let me start this email by a note that if you ever get another email from me(in your life time), it’ll always start with this following line-

    Hey! My futuristic hello to the land of the past. (let’s continue.)

    So, it’s 5090 and I planned to send this email on 2016 because, this is the year when the scientists announced that they’ve found the gravitational waves. What an outstanding achievement for humanity.

    Anyways, congratulations and a fair warning that it is just a beginning of a new era. I’ve named myself Light cause I don’t like my old name. I know you can relate to this so I choose your email address to send this. I also know that Light isn’t a common name on 2016. But it also isn’t common here either. We have a group that have science-y names. Like Wave, Comet, Pulsar and Proxy. A group of five. We all prefer these names; which brings to the question, “What do we do?” It’s simple, we collect data.

    Why? Because it helps us to unlock the truths of the universe. You want more information about universe? Well a breaking news for you, You are not alone and our universe now has a name. The Big Bang universe ‘cause that’s how it was formed. And I know that I’ll be crossing the line if I told you that we are in the collision course with another “nameless universe”. It’s probably bigger than ours but it’s shrinking, which is exact opposite of our universe. We are analyzing the data of that universe.

    Good news: We have invented a lot of new gadgets and discovered many truths. For example, I created this gadgets which can contact with people of the past in their own way. So, if I were to contact Issac Newton, I’d write a letter, not an email. And I can’t say more on this.


    I also have a bad news, there is no planet Earth. We are on another planet of another solar system called EARTH 2.0. Shortly, we call it 320. Was Earth destroyed? I wish I could tell you, but maybe some other day to some other person. Haha.

    Okay, Goodbye for now, earthling.





    Official Number: 5090

    Earth 2.0 (320)


    P.S. We don’t have any humans on 320 and obviously  5090 was not 5090 AD.


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